Give your guests a fun alternative to a traditional guest book.

your grandma's phone

audio guest book

The idea behind our Audio Guestbook is simple:


Give your guests a chance to record something personal and heartfelt as opposed to just signing a book.


This way, when you receive your audio guestbook after the event, you can listen through it and hear how much everyone enjoyed themselves at your wedding. We know this is a unique idea that will be cherished by both you and your spouse for years to come!


how it works



Punch in your details to make sure your date is available.


pick up the phone

Pick up the phone a day or two before your event.


set it up

What could be easier than setting up your phone with the instructions we provide and letting it do the work for the event?



Once we get the phone back, you will get a link to download and save all your recordings within 24 hours (1 business day).